I was taught as a young boy by my mother, " sure your sins will find you out." You see the truth is like cream - it always rises to the top. Whenever someone tries to suppress it with lies and deception, it never works - sooner or later the truth comes out. Hopefully, these treasonous conspiratorial perpetrators -  the Clintons, Comey, Lynch, Mueller, et al. will be exposed for the criminals they are... What former FBI Director James Comey did is disgusting, despicable and a breach of trust of his duties as the highest ranking law enforcement agent. In my view, he, along with Lynch and the Clintons ought to be indicted and imprisoned for their crimes against the American people. _______________________ SOURCE: DC WHISPERS
The New York Post’s John Crudele had an interesting column outlining how the bogus Democrat/Media/Deep State instigated Trump investigation is backfiring on Democrats as the American people grow increasingly weary of repeated allegations without actual proof.Beyond that fatigue is something even more concerning for Democrats. The investigation is actually shedding light on wrongdoing by figures like Hillary Clinton and James Comey – NOT Donald Trump. Check it out: ———— There’s a lot going on in the Hillary Clinton/Donald Trump/Russia investigation that all the highfalutin’ newspapers that cover politics are still trying to ignore. Well, investors had better know this stuff before it bites them in the assets. So here goes. Numerous reports coming out of the Senate Judiciary Committee last week said that former FBI Director James Comey made the decision not to refer Clinton for prosecution long before he even interviewed key witnesses, including Hillary. Remember, the Republicans now control this committee. So bad news isn’t going to be stifled anymore. Clinton, you probably remember, “lost” her private emails, which she’d been storing on a personal computer server. Comey chastised her harshly in a televised speech but then said there was a unanimous decision not to recommend prosecution. Clinton’s emails, which were stolen by the Russians, have never been found. But as I’ve mentioned numerous times, the messages are still in the possession of the National Security Agency (NSA), which offered to give them to the FBI. Comey turned down that offer, according to a source who has been very reliable. I’ve also mentioned that Comey fibbed when he said his agents unanimously agreed that prosecution was unnecessary. In fact, my source says that FBI agents were irate about the decision not to go after Clinton. The controversy got pretty intense, which may be why Comey forced agents who worked on the Clinton matter to sign additional nondisclosure agreements. There was another important development last week when a federal judge ordered the FBI to disclose more details about how it handled the Clinton investigation. That could put Comey in a hotter spot than he’s already in. What’s this got to do with the investigation of Trump and any influence the Russians may have had over the last presidential election? Absolutely nothing. But as I’ve said before, any investigation of Trump was likely to backfire when investigators started to look at the Democrats and their dealings. And that’s exactly what is starting to happen. Full report: HERE ——————- Clearly James Comey was involved in covering up for Hillary Clinton while at the same time weaponizing the FBI to be used against Donald Trump – both very serious miscarriages of justice. Here’s the thing – Comey has already indicated how his actions were colored by input from then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch of the infamous secret snakes-on-a-plane meeting with Bill Clinton. Loretta Lynch answered only to Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett. Indeed.

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