My Basic Health Protocol

This page is dedicated to all those who have spent years in research and publication as nutritionists, chiropractors, naturopathic healthcare practitioners.

Our family has benefited tremendously and this page is our attempt to share what we've learned from them. Here is a list of those I've learned from:

Dr. R.E Tent /Diverse Health Services/

Their YouTube Channel

Dr. John Bergman

Dr. Joe Wallach | His YouTube channel

Dr. Ted Broer /Healthmasters/ : He has a daily podcast on iTunes.

Everything posted here is the result of direct knowledge having implemented this protocol personally with amazing results.

The following is what I consider to be a basic health protocol. Everyone should implement a daily protocol similar to this regardless of their current health situation. If these basic things are done it will eliminate a lot of health issues immediately.

Most of these products are "Whole" food supplements, as opposed to isolate vitamins supplements which means they are nutrients derived from organic whole foods.

Daily Protocol

1) The first thing I did was to begin drinking distilled water exclusively.

I purchase (5) gal. containers of distilled water from Ecowater in Loves Park, Illinois.
Everyone should consume 1/2 their body weight in fluid ounces per day.

2) Coffee consumption - after nearly (40) years of two cups of coffee in the mornings, I have stopped consuming coffee. Its been several months now and I feel great.

3) Potassium Iodine - I purchased the ingredients and made my own (20%) solution with distilled water. 3 drops per day
4) Cod Liver Oil - 1 tbs per day
5) Black Seed Oil - 1 tbs per day
6) Liposomal C - I purchase organic products and make my own Lipo C with a B Complex which includes B17 (laetrel)  2 oz per day
7) Biotics MCT Medium-chain triglycerides - 1 tbs per day
8) A daily protein shake which includes Biotics Nitrogreens, SP Complete Dairy Free (Standard Process), a multi-vitamin powder (Food Research), PDCM 72+ minerals and Collagen Peptides Powder
9) Healthmasters Ultimate D3-10000 with K2   1 cap. 3 x per week
10) Healthmasters HGH Stimulate - 1 scoop per day
11) Health masters Magnesium Brain Food - 1 scoop per day(2.5g)
12) Advanced Naturals Ultimate Floramax 50 Billion Supplement - 1 cap. per night
13) Herbs Etc ChlorOxygen Chlorophyll Concentrate - 2 pearls 2 x daily
14) Last, but not least Organic Sulfur - 10g. 2 x per day.

If you have questions about this protocol you can contact me and we can discuss your situation in particular.

Disclaimer: This protocol is for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as Medical advice. I am not financially affiliated with any of these products. 

______________________________________________________________ In addition to the basic health protocol, I have a "live blood cell" analysis done (3) times per years. I am a patient with Discovering Wellness Rockford Illinois. The owner and staff have over (25) years of experience in doing live blood cell analysis.

Leviticus 17: 11 says, "For the life of the flesh is in the blood..." (ESV)

Its very important to have a live blood cell analysis done on a regular basis to ascertain the overall health of the body.

Here is what my blood looked like when I started March 2016.

Blood Cell Analysis
March 2016
Notice the red blood cells are dark (lack of oxygen) sticking together. They also have many red cells having died and can not be removed because of them sticking together which indicates lack of enzymes and overall health of the blood.
March 2016
After many months of cleanses and supplements this is what it looks like now.
January 2017
Notice how the red blood cells have white centers, they are perfectly round, and oxygenated, the blood plasma is clear of parasites, bacteria, viruses, uric acid, gut tissue from leaky gut, and it flows through the veins without toxins and heavy metals.
 Here is a video from January 2017 which shows the tremendous improvement in my blood after having completed months of cleanses.