Vaccine Court Stats on Injuries and Deaths Betray Government’s Position on Vaccine Safety

This article is for all those who still believe vaccines are efficacious, safe and protect from infectious diseases as Sen. Elizabeth Warren so eloquently informs us here. In reality, the truth simply does not support this conspiracy theory as presented by this alleged subject matter expert Dr. Schuchat. In fact, the opposite is the truth. Again, the public is being lied to by both Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Dr. Schuchat. What are the facts; according to the vaccine inserts, it clearly states the adverse [side] effects of their products. For example, in GlaxoSmithKline's popular flue shot "FLULAVAL®" they admit “Safety and effectiveness of FLULAVAL in pediatric patients have not been established.” The same insert also says, “FLULAVAL has not been evaluated for carcinogenic or mutagenic potential, or for impairment of fertility.” It does include adjuvants and known nerotoxins that cause adverse effects on the body. Flulaval-Influenza-Vaccine-Insert-600 Source: Read article here. For those interested, check out Dr. R. E. Tent, DC, N.D, Ph.D. from Livonia, MI | His two hour lecture provides a unique honest perspective on this issue.

The US War Machine’s Annual Budget Could Buy Every Homeless American a $1 Million Home

While the UNITED STATES spends all this money propping up the MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, it leaves its infrastructure (power grid) completely vulnerable to an "electromagnetic impulse" (EMP) that would leave us all literally, in the dark where (90%) of us would be dead within (1) year. See the congressional report here. As far as the homeless go, the bail out of the banks in 2008, to the tune of $750B would have gone a long way to resolve this issue. The facts are, every foreclosure in America are fraudulent reconveyances of your homes. There is no injured party, therefore, no cause to sue for damages. The originator of the alleged loan never "loaned" any money, it was a installment lease contract for a future return of goods and services. The standard Uniform FREDDIE MAC FANNIE MAE application was used to invoke the FEDERAL RESERVE mandate to issue credit (your credit) via. money on account which was nothing more than a ledger entry in their books. Its all a scam played out on unsuspecting home owners. Watch the movie, "The Big Short." The UNITED STATES Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson, former Goldman Sachs executive, threw the American people under the bus, while bailing out his buddies on Wall Street. Source:

FBI is Enrolling Church Leaders, Social Workers and Community Leaders to Spy on You

Civil Liberties Groups Across America are Enraged Over Federal Bureau of Investigation's New Tactics to Prevent Terrorism Kristan T. Harris | American Intelligence Report The FBI is expanding their operation and looking to enlist religious leaders, social workers, mental health professionals, and leaders in local communities in order to prevent terrorism, North Jersey's The Record reports. The plan is to establish a network of Shared Responsibility Committees (or SRCs) across America that would keep an eye out for potential rabble-rousers, a 4 page FBI letter acquired by the Intercept implies. The document states "the primary goal of an SRC intervention is disengagement," and the "FBI's primary objectives in referring an individual to the SRC are to enable community partners to develop community-led multidisciplinary solutions and to build community resilience and foster greater community trust, while also fulfilling the FBI's national security and public safety responsibilities." Some Source: American Intelligence Report

Caught on video: California Sen. Richard Pan FLEES on foot after VAXXED filmmakers attempt to confront him over vaccine mandate –

Why is this California State Legislator running away, like a coward, when confronted with the truth about the dangers of vaccines? We are not the citizens of California calling for this clowns resignation? Isn't it obvious he's been bought (bribed) by big pharma to promote this rotten piece of legislation? Wake up people.
Caught on video: California Sen. Richard Pan FLEES on foot after VAXXED filmmakers attempt to confront him over vaccine mandate

Farmers Say Monsanto’s Roundup Gave Them Cancer

MONSANTO is being sued by four farmers from Nebraska who allege Monsanto's product "ROUNDUP" caused their Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma cancer. What's interesting about this case is Glyphosate [ROUNDUP®] is a known carcinogenic and yet farmers still spray this poison on themselves, their communities, and their crops. What's it going to take for people to wake up and ban this product from being used in our country similar to what they've done in Europe and other parts of the globe? Source: Farmers Say Monsanto’s Roundup Gave Them Cancer

THE WAR ON CASH: Larry Summers Calls for the Ban on All Notes Above $50

The US Government is moving at break neck speed to move its citizens to a cashless society. There has been more talks about getting rid of the $100 bill, similar to the EU getting rid of the €500 Euro bill, highly praised by none other than Larry Summers, former United States Secretary of the Treasury (1999–2001) in a recent Financial Times Op-ed. If our financial system goes completely digital [cashless], everyone will be reliant on the banking institutions for all commercial transactions. If the US Dollar is confined to the realm of the "intangible", it will further subjugate us to their dominion, control and manipulation. Source: THE WAR ON CASH: Larry Summers Calls for the Ban on All Notes Above $50

Judge Orders Mother’s Child to be Snatched Because She Believes in “Chemtrails”

A child is snatched from a parent primarily because of personal views espoused. The question that begs to be asked is, where does the Judge's authority to "take" the child come from...regardless of the reasons? This is happening all over the country and people are not cognizant of the jurisdictional issues at play. What has the parent done to grant the courts authority to "take" their children for whatever reason? We better start figuring this out...
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Source: Judge Orders Mother’s Child to be Snatched Because She Believes in “Chemtrails”